"To you the leaves
That fell from trees
To you their life has come to leave”,
Of The Trees — Mree.

Another remake. And I’m really enjoying these adventures with traditional media. But I guess i’ll try to get back to digital media as soon as possible…

Watercolor pencils
A4 paper (300g/m²)
Uni POSCA (0.7mm)
Brushes (from Keramik and Tigre)

As soon as I put my hands on a better camera, i’ll upload some better shots from this painting. It was the first time that I used real acrylics, so… the problem is: I don’t think I wanna stop using it. Such a nice media. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I use oils.

I’m also posting some photos of me and my friend, Lua, working on our paintings. I was at her office, so… did you notice she loves cats, right? I love her paintings of cats.

Anyway, nice to talk with you again!


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

Hm… saw this and thought it would be cool. So, um… well, i’ll be doing original art, in this case you can suggest a prompt, and fanarts from Teen Wolf, Orange Is The New Black, anything Disney or Marvel or DC related, ok? So, yeah, just send an ask with a character and a number and… 

I posted these on my Instagram account, but maybe it’s a good idea to share them with you. Most of them are solely to practice, while one of them was me teaching my sister how to draw noses, mouths and ears, and… yeah… nothing too special. I want to say to my old and new followers that i wasn’t uploading much due to a pneumonia and a lot of work. I hope things get back to normal this week…